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Horse Riding Gradings


ljp so836Challenge yourself with horse riding gradings!

Looking for a sense of accomplishment through your horse riding lessons here at Saddle On? Just like you would with music or karate lessons, Saddle On offers  you the opportunity to work your way through a series of gradings.

Offered exclusively to our group lesson riders, each grading (starting at no.28 and ending at no.1) has been specifically created to encourage and enhance your horse riding skills as you grow into a seasoned rider. The gradings are completed one by one to ensure steady and accurate progress, while also building your theory knowledge.

What does it include?

Gradings commence towards the end of each term of horse riding here at Saddle On, and in addition to that sense of accomplishment, will include:

  • a grading booklet with a small amount of theory reading and a quick theory test.
  • A ridden practical test during your weekly lessons (Based on what you are already learning in your horse riding lessons, and the theory in each grading booklet).
  • Once completed, you will be awarded with a grading certificate and a pin with your completed grading number!

We’ve made it an easy process for you

Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to work through a grading with us here at Saddle On.

  1. Call 03 5282 4017 to book in your grading, or see us on site in the canteen area.
  2. Choose a group lesson (in the last three weeks of term) in which you would like to ride the practical element of your grading.
  3. A payment of $15 will be taken to lock everything in.
  4. If booking in person, you will be given your grading booklet to study, or if you have booked over the phone simply remember to come in and pick it up when you come in for your lesson.
  5.  On your chosen day for your practical test, bring your grading booklet in (your theory tests must be completed for marking) and hand it to your instructor.
  6. Your instructor will guide you through your grading during your lesson. Afterwards, they will hand your grading booklet over to have the theory section marked.
  7. Once all has been marked and you have passed your grading, pop into the canteen so we can award you with your certificate! Yay!! Remember to bring your grading pin so we can change the number for you (you will receive one on passing your first grading).
  8. Celebrate!! You have just achieve a fantastic milestone!

Each grading you do counts towards a unit in Certificate III in Sports Coaching! and once you reach grading no.1, we proudly present you with a statement of attainment for that unit.

Sign me up!

The cost of your horse riding grading is a small $15 per grade.

If you would like to book in for a grading, please call us on 03 5282 4017 (you can pay by credit card over the phone) or see our friendly staff in the canteen. We’ll give you your grading book to study, and lock in which group lesson day you would like to have your practical horse riding grade done.