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22246VIC Certificate II in Equine Studies, Geelong



The Certificate II in Equine Studies provides learners with the skills and knowledge required to identify and monitor the signs of common illness and injury in horses and covers preventative regimes that are an integral part of horse husbandry.

Learners will learn to identify the anatomical structures and understand the physiology of horses, being trained or used for competitive performance, breeding, racing and recreation.

You will learn to identify desirable conformation in horses and develop the ability to use appropriate conformation terminology. We will teach you how to recognize conformation defects, lameness and blemishes that may affect gait and performance.

You will also learn how to implement feeding programs, monitor the quality of feed, feed supplements and individual feeding habits of horses.


We recommend Certificate II in Equine Studies as a great follow on from RGR10108 – Certificate I in Racing (Stable hand).


Full Time / Part Time / Flexible

Where: Saddle On Learning Hub
550 Elcho Road
Lovely Banks, 3213
(03) 5282 4017
Start Date:  Anytime.
When:  Wednesdays, Thursdays 10am – 6:15pm
Duration:  432 hours
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NOTE: Prior to enrolment, all students require a USI (Unique Student Identifier Number) provided to you by the Australian Government. If you don’t already have one please go to www.USI.gov.au and sign up for one. We cannot enrol you until we have this number.

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