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Disability Horse Riding Groups



The Mayor of Geelong came to visit and give our Friday riders a nice surprise!

The Mayor of Geelong came to visit and give our Friday riders a nice surprise!

Here at saddle On we strive to provide all abilities with safe and fun riding experiences!

Saddle On is a NDIS provider under Katrina Hore trading as Saddle On. If the following below are apart of your plan then you may be eligible to claim lesson through NDIS,

  • Support item: Community social and recreational activities
  • Support Item Ref No. : 04_115_0125_6_1

To ride under NDIS funding we require you to provide us at time of booking

  • Date of birth
  • NDIS plan
  • Both NDIS numbers

If riders are self managed you will have to pay as per our payment options, which are in full or as a casual rider. Invoices will then be given after payment has been made.

Disability Groups

Saddle On hosts riding sessions for a number of disability groups from around Geelong. These groups gain confidence riding horses, brushing horses, playing games on horseback, and socialising together in a friendly environment.

All rides are conducted safely in a controlled environment, supervised by friendly staff members.

Rides usually start off with a trail ride around the property, and end with a game of the riders’ choice (Simon Says, What’s The Time Mr. Wolf, Obstacle Course etc.). In the case of bad weather, the ride will be conducted entirely in our indoor arena with lots of different activities.

If you are interested in having a disabled group come to Saddle On, please contact us on 03 5282 4017  for more information and bookings.