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Agistment – Why there is no need to look anywhere else!

Posted on May 3, 2016

Here at Saddle On we pride ourselves on our exceptional facilities -designed for horse owner’s pleasure and ease, Saddle On is structured to meet every horse owners needs.

Let me take you on a journey…

You arrive, panicked and stressed from floating your horse on a windy and rainy day. He scrambled the whole way here and has gotten wet from the rain. But fear not, for you are greeted with friendly faces who direct you to the agistee bays. You unload your tack into the lock away tack room while your horse waits in the under cover concrete bays. You just can’t seem to get warm so you grab a hot chocolate on your way past the canteen before you prepare to hose your horse who will probably shiver from the cold.

A warm smile greets you and reminds you of the hot wash system that you remember glancing over on the website – your horse won’t shiver to death after all!  Once your done washing him you place him in the paddock you chose and straight away he takes a big gulp of water from the automatic filling troughs. He then waits in his paddock shelter patiently while you prepare his feed in the attached feed and storage shed. It’s still terrible weather so you think to yourself how grateful you are for the electric fencing to keep your horse secure.

The next day you get a call about a sick family member and you must arrange to have your horse fed and rugged. So you give us a call and of course we can oblige.

The terrible weather continues for the rest of the week but fortunately you have time to feed and ride over the weekend. The rain and wind doesn’t seem to phase you because the indoor arena blocks it all out.

As your walking him back to the paddock you finally take it all in. The wonderful facilities – jump arenas, open spaces, cross country and indoors. The poo piles located in areas of convenience.  The friendly faces that aren’t afraid to lend a helping hand.  And just how easy Saddle On makes it for you to have a happy and healthy relationship with your horse!