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Children saddle up for Geelong horse riding camps during the summer holidays

Posted on January 18, 2012

When was the last time you went horse riding for the day? During the 2012 summer school holidays, a group of excited children took part in Geelong horse riding day camps for beginners and more experienced riders at Saddle On Riding School Geelong.

A horse riding day camp at Saddle On is a varied experience. As well as learning horse riding skills, the children had fun on the BMX bikes, and fed the animals. With food and drinks included, parents knew that their children were having fun and being well supervised at the same time.

The children learned how to saddle up, unsaddle, brush and wash horses. They put the horses away and cleaned up the gear, completing the full horse riding experience.

Children with more riding experience took part in a week long camp from 16 to 19 January. With the youngest children being 10 years of age, some children rode the school horses, while others chose to ride their own.

The maximum number of children for the camps is 20 children, and the minimum age is eight years old for the day camp. Children must be 10 years old and independent to participate in the week long camp.

For more information about Saddle On Riding School’s horse riding camps, contact Katrina on 0412 773 411.